GoDaddy > openElement Configuration Tutorial
1) Purchase of hosting
Choose one of the offers GoDaddy by clicking the link "See GoDaddy offers"
Choose the domain name (e.g.
While creating the order, choose the operating system: Linux with cPanel
2) After purchasing the hosting
GoDaddy proposes you to create your cPanel account with a username and a password.
Make sure to keep them safe, they will be used by openElement.
Make sure to keep them safe, they will be used by openElement. 
Wait 1 to 24 hours for the registration of your website domain to take effect on the Internet. 
To test, simply type the domain name in your browser to see if it gives access to a GoDaddy page
3) Configure openElement
In the Project -> Preferences -> Publishing -> Configuration tab:
Server address: domain name chosen at GoDaddy 
E.g. ""
User name: cPanel user name
Password: cPanel password
Website address: e.g. ""
Default directory: "auto"
Port : 21
Upload folder: "Upload"
Outgoing Email Configuration Type: Mail